Our Team

Execam has a strong core team with wide experience in all aspects of video production, project management, business development, training and corporate communications.

Each project has it's own unique character and therefore requires it's own mix of technical expertise. We put together a team of independent specialists selected on the basis of the best fit for a particular project thus ensuring that you get the optimum technical skills available. Of course, for some projects there will be budget implications but these elements will be fully taken into account during the scoping process.




Jim is a video director, producer and writer. He is also a communications consultant,
specialising in media training, particularly for television. His skill is in taking a client's
concept, understanding it and developing it through every stage of the process
including scripting to produce a DVD or multimedia package of excellence.

Jim's background is in journalism, having worked as a radio and television reporter in
New Zealand and the USA, collecting several industry awards over the years.

His most recent television posting was Wellington Bureau Chief for TV3. Before that
he worked for TVNZ for nine years in a variety of roles.

For the past 24 years Jim has steered Execam as Managing Director. He has directed
most of the company's productions including many of Execam's television docu-

Jim has over 30 years experience in the industry, with hands on experience of most
aspects of video production. The Execam philosophy is to be satisfied with nothing
less than excellence.

Jim's hobbies include golf, chess, golf, woodturning and golf.

Managing Director

021 448000



Eileen ran her own successful business in project management for several years before deciding it was time for a change in pace.

Eileen has gradually taken over the Office Manager role at Execam, using her expertise in systems and process management to stream line and improve many of the internal Execam ways of working. She works at Execam most days, handling the day to day running of the
office, accounts and human resources, as well as special projects as needed.

There's always the call of the garden so if it's a nice day, that's where she'll be!

Office Manger / Accounts

021 526772