Services Overview


Execam has been the official videographer for all Investitures at Government House. since 2000 We load ceremonies on the NZ Investitures YouTube channel and also make personalised versions for individual recipients on request. Order form.


Our work is in both the Government and private sectors. It ranges from training resources with an emphasis on behavioural modeling, to communicating the message via dvd, BluRay or through the internet.


Live streaming where you plug your cameras into our box, or the whole service with up to four cameras we provide and operate.Click here to download our flier


We have completed three series of "Extraordinary Kiwis" for Prime as well as a number of one-offs for TVNZ and TV3

Media Training

Jim's background in television news gives him a great insight into how to best put your case to the media. We run you through several TV interviews so you can hone your performance and be prepared when the media comes calling, especially with cameras.

Aerial Videography

Up to 4K drone footage , stable ultra crisp video and stills from above.

Video For Your Business

The sky’s the limit when it comes to using moving pictures to build your business – advertising, training, induction, promotion, how-to-use your products correctly. What about some humour to connect with your clients? Call us to discuss how we can help. We work with you, not for you.

Call us to explore where we have worked with organisations of many shades and achieved added value to the process through the inclusion of video in these areas.

Quick Start up:

Make your message to the troops and clients, "Up Front and Personal". If you cannot be there in person, make a video message with heart, (and lots of interesting imagery) We can coach you on how to perform best for the camera, either with or without autocue.
Let's talk about it.

Increase training effectiveness:

There are heaps of ways to use video effectively to enhance training. Just one idea – e-training, where we build scenarios where staff have to work out what to do when things go wrong. This was an award winning approach we used with the Dept. of Corrections.

More Services

Community Projects
We also commit to complete at least one pro-bono production for a charitable organisation each year through the Execam Community Trust. Application form.
Products you can purchase
To order DVDs of our documentaries and other productions, please check the list on the productions Application form.

Autocue for that professional look to your corporate video or message to the troops.

We have the answer!
Execam runs the Capital’s only autocue service which is available to all production companies or directly to clients. We provide a turn-key operation where our operator shows up with the autocue ready to be hooked onto the camera. There are no technical worries, we load your script and you read it off a screen directly in front of the camera lens….just like the newsreaders on the television networks. Any changes to your script can be made on the spot – even professional announcers find the odd tongue-twister in their script which is better changed! We can even provide training sessions for the autocue, and there are some tips and tricks to make it look more natural.

For more information download our flier.